Its A Fake World

So much globalization.. So much development. Lest, somewhere, somehow we are all getting left behind in terms of who we are and what we should thrive for. In a constant look for the so called “Greener Grass”, i moved to a new job. Like all, I was well excited by the swanky looks of these IT Big Brothers. Your first impression tells you without hesitation, ” Yes! this is what you have been longing for”. A few hours of wait, and here and there meet and greet, you get the urge to see someone known to you from your past. And by the time you start realizing there is merely anyone, that’s when you feel the punch in the stomach. You slowly start learning people around you are all wearing plastic smiles and no one cares a damn who you are. Everyone is in a race to showcase a busy to work environment feel wherein no one is on their feet to help you when required nor tries to find out a help for you.

All I hear while I come down to the center court during lunch or snack time, every or the other person is complaining and looking forth to move elsewhere with hunt for the  “Greener Grass”. people working in big IT Parks in India are much aware of the flip side lives we all see or live in. A thin colored tag identifies us. Whereas we seldom think about our basic identities as humans. How much have we thought of underprivileged people who could get little help. Hardly any of us. Its a self-centered world. “I, My Wife, My family, My investments, My earnings” is all what we hear all around us. I am also a bait to this most of times. Hard truth, we all know, grass is never greener the other side. It is just how we make it better at the place where we are.

To self-peace and society-peace.


BIG is a very small word!!

My Wikipedia researches have always been helpful. It was so many times in thet in the National Geographic, they show documentaries about the temple of Brihadeeswara in Thanjavur. I quickly learnt that this temple is otherwise called locally as Periya Koil which literally translates to the Big Temple. These group of monuments built by the great Raja Raja Cholan were a splendid. Also some other monuments built by the ruler include the group of temples in Darasuram and Gangaikondai Cholapuram

Vaguely i recall it was in the second week of October that I travelled back from Qatar to India. As soon as I arived in India, I took a 10 days leave and was at home in Visakhapatnam. On the 9th day of my leave, KK my project manager calls and says ” Bugger where are you hiding??” 🙂 For which i had known later there is a project in Dubai for RAKBANK and he requires my resume on urgent basis. I liaised with the fullfillment team on the same and sent it across.

I travelled to Chennai after a couple of days and met all the concerned people to understand the project stuff before I can act upon. Well there was one guy who came back from the project onsite and I was interacting with him to understand the basics and the client. Still I had lots of free time for myself. So started collecting information on the temples of Thanjavur and the nearby places. I had a couple of colleagues sitting next to me in the office who were equally jobless who were also interested in knowing the facts about these places. Some have also shared their experiences of hailing from the same towns.

On the other side, having heard no news on my Dubai visa and travel, I asked a person who came back from Dubai on my visa and travel details. He said there seems to be some slight issues with the visa agent and might get delayed by few more days. Having the weekend ahead, I felt that was the right time for me to travel.While I was sure there would be no proceedings on my Dubai travel over the weekend, my friend suggested it is better to say a word to my manager aswell.

KK was in Bombay meeting clients that time. I gave him a call to ask if he has any updates and also informed him on my plans to travel out of Chennai over the weekend. On hearing my agendas to visit temples, first thing he asked if I was fine 🙂  I had to assure him that all was well and it was just a casual one not a pilgrimage.. 🙂 . KK knowing me for years by then,  said I need not act too formal by asking him permissions for my personal travel on a Weekend 🙂 .. Too good of him, he suggested me some places too..

Day 1: 22-Oct-2010

Well today, being a fridayand moreover no work to do, i informed Joyce and started in the afternoon at around 3:00 . I went to t-nagar bus terminus and booked a ticket to thanjavur on the same night.

Went back to the guest house after booking the ticket. Packed my things. The other inmates were not back from office. Once they were, told them about my plans and they were asking why I was going all alone. I had no answer but just gave back a smile. 11:00 pm was the bus departure. I reached the terminus by 10:15 pm, stood alongside other travelers who were off to different destinations via different buses. Lots of late night buses to Bangalore and other places in Tamil Nadu ply from T-Nagar. The bus came just before time. the bus was half occupied by then for the reason being it coming from CMBT.

Was an ordinary non- A/C bus and believe me, it was not the type of bus anyone would want to travel in. 🙂 . Early in the morning at 2:00 a.m the bus stopped at some place where generally all private buses would halt for refreshments and some late night teas. Once the bus started again, managed to get a decent sleep. Every now and then, could hear the sounds of other buses passing by and the late night overtakings.. 🙂

Day 2: 23-Oct-2010

It was early morning that I opened my eyes and found the bus rafting through narrow village roads. Suddenly caught the sight of a milestone reading Thanjavur 9 kms and thought its time for me to wake up to atleast have a nice view of morning beauties. It was 6:10 am. My excitement grew to the peak to just catch a glimpse of the big temple’s main tower though it might be a bit foolish :). The bus passed through some small bridges over some 4-5 rivers and the view on the either sides was immensly refreshing. Suddenly saw a board reading “Thiruvayur” and decided that could also be added on my list( the improtance of which would be described in the later part of this post).

The bus finally came to a stop at the bus stand by 6:30am. Searched for so many hotels but all were full. Finally managed to get one. I desired to visit the temple in the early morning so that the sun won’t trouble me much. The hotel restaurant served decent breakfast. On inquiry at the hotel reception, the incharge says the main temple is a walking distance from there. So, started my walk. Could get to see lots of college going students and just another village morning routines.

On reaching the Big Temple at 7:30 am, I could already see tourists flocking the temple. So there I was, standing in front of the Brihadeeswara temple , a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it definitely made me gaze at it wide mouthed. I would say calling it  “Big” is nothing but being modest!!

Could understand why it was called the Big Temple otherwise. Could sense the hugeness of the complex. There are three gateways which lead to the main inner structure. Went around the temple and finally I was in there to visit the deity. The presiding deity, lord shiva was quite huge and so were the dwarapalakas. Frankly no one would have seen such big structures of dwarapalakas.Believe me, the entire temple is made out of granite stone which is the toughest to cut!! .The main tower stands as one of the tallest temple towers in the world and the top-most stone holding the kalasham is believed to be weighing nearly 80 tonnes and is made out of single granite stone which leaves everyone of us stunned!!

On coming out of the temple, one goes through the same usual stuff outside any temple compound in India out of which, something not be be missed are the Clay Dancing Dolls a.k.a Thanjavur thalai-aattu bommai  for which Thanjavur is famous!! The other stuff mainly attracted either children or women.

I managed a good deal of bargain with an auto driver to Thiruvayur up and down and drop me near the Thanjavur Palace. The small village of Thiruvayur which is 13 kms away from thanjavur is famous in the world of Carnatic music. The great saint Tyagaraja’s resting place is located on the banks of Kaveri in this village. It also hosted a shiva temple where tyagaraja was believed to have written most of his compositions. I couldn’t afford going to the temple having time constraints. Crossing 5 rivers over small bridges was an pleasant experience. The memorial is located in the deep narrow streets where no one could even think of. Finally we reached. Was a small memorial and along the visitors were me and a Tamil Brahmin family. They were singing some recitals already and welcomed me to join them. Couldn’t help but to feel an inner happiness while I was in there listening to their keerthanas. Some say being sober sometimes is a bliss.. I could sense what an eternal happiness that saint would have gained during his life..

Later i travelled back to thanjavur and my driver dropped me near the thanjavur palace. The palace turned museum was full of school students. The palace also houses a bell tower to climb upon which there was a queue waiting for which i thought is not worth it.

Also there is a separate block which is believed to house the oldest known tamil manuscripts. Coming out, there were a couple of emporiums. Obviously the thanjavur paintings were costly for most of them involve gold as a part of the paintings. some of the the thatched shops nearby sold the clay dancing dolls and i bought one for myself.  Came to the main center, had lunch and relaxed for a while in the room.

Later, I planned to visit the Gangaikondai Cholaipuram which is supposed to be a miniature of the Thanjavur’s main temple. But the hotel front desk suggested me saying it is far enough for a mid day travel. So i changed plans and started to Darasuram.

Darasuram is a small village close to Kumbakonam. It took some 30-40 minutes from Thanjavur for me to reach the Darasuram bus stand. On inquiry, people guided me to the Airawateswara temple which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Darasuram primarily hosted 2 temples right next to each other. The main one being dedicated to Airawateswara as the name suggests and the Amman Koil right next to it dedicated to Amman. This was no different to any other Cholan architecture.

One can’t help but jus wonder at the temples. Reached there by around 3:30 pm and it had no tourists except me and a couple interestingly experiencing the marvel in front of them. I felt sad that such marvels are being unnoticed. The Amman koil had one local family waiting for the Aiyer to come and perform the evening duties to the goddess. Spent some more time till evening and took a bus to Kumbakkonam where I could get my bus to Trichy (Instantaneously planned).

Reached the kumbakkonam bus stand to take a bus to Trichy. When the bus was still going through the streets of Kumbakkonam , saw a mighty temple of Kumbheswarar and learnt how the town got its name. The bus travelled via Thanjai which made me realize I actually did a bad planning. It took me 3 and half hours to reach Trichy. Unfortunately most of the lodges were full. Had to search a lot to find one. Finally managed to get to stay in a room for 125 Rs that to my horror had sharing toilets :O  but then thought, one day might not make a big difference.

Day 3: 24-Oct-2010

Traveling to Tiruchurapallu a.k.a Trichy was not the first time for me. Visited it long time back when I was in my grade 9. Lots of buses ply to the Srirangam Ranganatha temple from the Trichy main center. I still remember the last time me and my sister watched the gopuram of the Srirangam temple from a long distance through the window of our bus when it was crossing a river. Same was the feeling when I was about to visit this time. Distant view of the majestic gopuram alongside of the river Kaveri surrounded by coconut trees was a nice one.

Trichy was unexpectedly hot. The bus reached Sriranganatha temple in 20-30 minutes. On reaching, one can’t miss the mighty gopuram of the temple. There are nearly 7 gateways one has to pass through to reach the inner most sanctum where the presiding deity is located. Passing through the gateways is a same experience one could get going through any hindu temple complex. People selling flowers, coconuts, devotional stuff and obviously children’s play stuff. But on a whole the temple compound is definitely huge which is praiseworthy. For the non-hindu travellers, The main shrine entry is strictly to hindus alone which dissapointed some of the foreign tourists there.

To my surprise, the temple was filled with devotees and long queues were already there. There seemed to be no movement in the people which made me guess there might be a private service being done to the god. It took nearly 2 hours for the darshan and finally came back. There was an in-house elephant accompanied by its keeper trying to gain all the attention it can and on the other side, there was an old priest who was busy reading some old manuscripts trying to get some privacy 🙂

Finally I came out of the temple and it was around 11:30 in the morning. Way back to Trichy, there is this eye-catching Rock fort temple on the top of a hill around which the entire city flourished.

I got down near the temple but the crowd was horrifying. Had lunch and went back to my room. Relaxed a bit, changed and took a bus to Chennai which started at 2:00pm. Reached Chennai by 8:00pm in the night and there ends my trip of enchanting Tamil Nadu!!

Karnataka. One State .. Many Worlds!!!

Vistiting Halebidu, Belur and Hampi were on my mind for quite a long time. Have been going through various sources like blogs, reviews, Wikipedia, wikitravel etc to gather as much information possible.  It was the time when I was sitting in one of the packed bays in Egmore Office without any system to work 🙂 . During my system sharing hours, I used to try exploring information on these places. There has been one name “The Hoysalas” which was referred everywhere in these places. I happened to search by the Hoysala Architecture and found unbelievable stuff. As a matter of gyan, Hoysalas were once the rulers of Karnataka and parts of Andhra with Dwarasamudra alias Halebidu (as more commonly referred) as their capital city.

These days, I was awaiting my travel to Dubai for my RAKBANK assignment . My visa processing was also done. As usual, uncertainty was on high in our office with regards to travel dates. They were delaying my travel because of Bakrid marking which, office in Dubai was on holiday for 5 days. So my travel to Dubai would be of no use during that time. I started planning my tour with some off beat hoysala era temples on the prime list of my visit. One fine evening, I went and spoke to my manager who said I could take those desired number of days of leaves as my travel would be beyond 20th of November or so. My usual chats with Joyce, our office receptionist about these has surprised her as she thought I was on a pilgrimage for which I had to assure her it is only the love of architecture 🙂 🙂 . All set. Applied leave immediately from the following day and tried booking train tickets tough all were full. Luckily got one return ticket to Chennai on 17th morning. Left office in the night, went home and packed things for the road trip.

DAY 1    11/11/2010:

I started from our T-nagar guest house at 6:30 am. It was raining cats and dogs. Went to Koyambedu by a MTC bus which took unusually long because of the rain and the morning traffic. When inquired upon reaching, the first bust to Bangalore would only start by 9:30 am. Had to pass time strolling in the bus stand amidst all the usual chaos. Finally the bus driver and conductor had come and I took the Karnataka’s state owned bus Rajahamsa. The bus was a medium standard one with hardly any passengers on it. This took the route via Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh and we had a stop in the same place at 12:30 pm for lunch. The restaurant was decent and so was the food. Post this, the bus started again and finally reached Bangalore at around 5 pm.

My immediate move was to take a bus to Hassan which is the hub for people visiting Belur and Halebidu. Got a bus within no time from Majestic bus station and through a bumpy road, reached Hassan at 10:30 in the night. It was drizzling in the night and there were hardly any people around. The bus station was completely deserted. Luckily, i found a lodge very close by and took a single bedroom , ordered some food and tried to catch up some sleep to be prepared for an early morning travel.

DAY 2    12/11/2010:

Bright morning it was. I woke up morning woke up at 6:30 am and started to Halebidu at 7:30 am. Hassan being the focal point for these two famous temples, there are a lot of buses from Hassan to Halebidu and Belur. I had my breakfast in one of the restaurants in the bus station and started off. The journey to Halebidu was a memorable experience. One can sight lush green landscapes and numerous streams overflowing the narrow village roads/ The entire place was so pristine and untouched, one can feel the freshness in the air. The previous night’s rain has added to the beauty. To add upon the beauty one can find windmills in far distant locations near and above the mountains.

Halebidu bus station is relatively small for the tourists. The town is a very small one and right opposite to the bus stationis the Halebidu Hoysaleshwara temple. There were no prayers performed the time I reached and the temple was unsusually quiet with very few tourists. The temple is an architectural marvel. Most of which was destroyed by the raids the temple had survived.

From Halebidu, my next stop was a small village called Belavadi. It was a 20-30 mins travel from Halebidu. The temple was a yet another marvel with Veeranarayana  as the main deity.

Very calm and serene atmosphere surrounded the temple. The priest was delighted seeing me coming from Chennai to visit these far cut off temples. There was no power but he took pains in showing the deities by a gas light.

Once i was done with the temple,to travel back to Halebidu, I waited for sometime and got an auto rickshaw. The auto driver and some other excited locals were kind enough in telling me stories in Kananda though I couldn’t understand a slightest part. When we were about to reach Halebidu, It so happened someone asked me which country I belonged to and I felt crazy replying I am an Indian 😀 . Once i was back in Halebbidu, I took someones’ help in knowing where Jain Basadis were. The Jain Basadis are right behind the Halebidu main temple at a distance of nearly 1 km. It was 1:00 pm then and I could see halebidu main temple flocked with tourists.

The Jain Basadis a.k.a Bastihalli were towards one corner unnoticed. Were built like any other hoysala temples but were dedicated to jains. With not even a single tourist, I felt like a lonely soul in the planet.

I could smell the bat droppings all over the temple inside. Seeing the big statues of mahaveer were scary enough with my loneliness there 🙂

Not having my lunch so far, I came back to Halebidu’s bus stand and took a bus to Belur which is approximately 15-17 kms of travel.

I reached Belur at around 2 pm in the afternoon. Unlike Halebidu, Belur was a bigger town. The temple is around 1.5 kms far from the bus stand and can be walked if not for the sun. I started walking but later a person whom I asked directions near the bus stand gave me a lift on his scooter generously. He opened a dialogue amd asked my whereabouts .Belur’s Chennakesava Temple was dedicated to various dance forms unlike Halebidu which was dedicated to Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Visiting it at 2:30 pm was tough with sun on high. Lots of tourists and the scorching sun can make anyone feel uncomfortable. Yet the building was an excel. Not to be missed the dancing figures out of which a famous one is the Mandakini. Having seen the entire temple, I started from Belur back to the bus station. Took a bus and went back to Hassan by evening at 4:30 pm.

Having nothing to do or visit further for the day, decided to go somewhere nearby in the town. I wanted to visit a village called Hulikere where a small ornated stepped well is located. It is nearly 5kms away from Hassan. But no one seemed to know about it. Finally, i decided to take an evening walk around my hotel to see the local markets. It started raining again and thought a perfect combination would be some chilli bajjis. :).. Phataaak.. found a small bajji seller and enjoyed the rain.. and spent the rest of the evening in the room.

DAY 3      13/11/2010:

The next move was to Harnahalli. Harnahalli also is a small village where it hosted one more Hoysala temple. In the bus, neither the conductor nor most of the passengers seemed to know about the place. To my luck, there was a person who travels in the state on a medical representative job. Seemed to be talking good but he spoke very little english or hindi.

Once there, I walked from the bus stop to the temple. it was pretty close by. I felt bad seeing the temple actually closed. But as the doors were still open, and went in to have a look. Archeological Survey Of India (ASI) was doing some maintenance. The Temple was in a dilapidated state. The main temple was shut for years.

On my way back, there was another small village called Korvangala where Bucheswara temple was located which is nearly 12 kms from Hassan. My luck again, no one knew Korvangala. Conductor kept looking for a village by this name and finally stopped near the village on the main road. The temple is approximately 2 kms from the road.

From the main road, I started walking. The village scene was extremely beautiful with full paddy and maize fields on either sides and streams overflowing the roads. Also there was a railway crossing, which made the entire place just perfect.

I could get a distant view of the temple. When went there, I found the temple was maintained very well by ASI. People were generous in showing me the temple in and around. That was a dwikota style temple dedicated to Surya and Shiva gods. Also very close were some complete ruins.

I saw some villagers playing cards inside the temple  and the moment they saw me with camera, they either thought I was from the Media or from ASI and started packing up things and ran off. That situation made me laugh like crazy!! I started back from there and a speechless lady was excited seeing me with a camera and requested me to take some of her pics. Also there were some school going kids who were excited too seeing me with a camera on. Managed to get a bus back to Hassan from the Korvangala main road and reached at around lunch time.

Once back in Hassan, I had my lunch and planned to visit Doddagaddavalli. There was a controller in Hassan bus station who found me asking people about Doddagaddavalli and directed me to take buses going to Chikmaglur. He also warned me saying majority of the conductors would not know a place called Kalkare which is close to Doddagaddavalli. He wrote it on a ticket in kananda and gave it to me for some reference.

Chikmaglur bus was quite full and when asked ticket for Kalkare all gave a weird look at me. Conductor started arguing saying he has no idea about that place. He gave me a ticket to chikmaglur asking me to inquire on myself. Not knowing what to do, I didnot react but just kept looking for my stop. Suddenly not even half way through, the conductor calls me. And yes, he found Kalkare. 🙂  There were few enthustiastic college boys who also got down along with me. They were happy talking to me describing about the temple. At the same time, they gave me tough looks as this small village is 4-5 kms far from main road and is very remote and isolated. I said I would somehow manage. It was around 3 pm and the walk was the toughest till then.The village slopes and the high sun were not cooperating enough. There were some tractors that passed by looking at me with pity. 😦 I thought of asking them for help  but by the time I decided to ask, I did not see anymore people crossing by.

Doddagaddavalli was a goddess Lakshmi temple built by the Hoysalas on the banks on a river. I am sure the village is like any other Agraharam and the sight of a temple right on the banks of a river was an amazing one.

A kananda Brahmin family also were visiting it. The family offered me a lift till the main road.For a maruti car, they were full enough but they adjusted somehow sitting on each other’s lap to drop me on the main road to Hassan. I took a mini bus to Hassan from there and reached Hassan in the evening at 5 p.m. Upon reaching, I inquired in the bus station and learnt that the bus to Hospet starts at 8:30 pm. I had my dinner and set towards Hospet which was my next destination.

DAY 4     14/11/2010:

The journey from Hassan to Hospet was a terrible experience. Thanks to Karnataka’s worsely maintained roads and the inter city buses, for the whole night I couldnt sleep for even 15 minutes. Reached Hospet at 6 am and took a lodge near the bus stand. Hampi, the ruinced city of the king Sri krishnadevaraya was on the main agenda for the day. Lots of buses ply to hampi from Hospet. Very soon i took a bus and reached the Hampi main temple Virpukasha. Visiting Hampi was a life time experience. A whole city where diamonds and precious stones were sold on the roads now stands still with stalls selling lays packets and cold drinks. Foreigners were at large in Hampi. One can see lots of bike rental shops by the Virupaksha main shrine.

Expats were targeted by the shopkeepers big time. Once Visited the Virupaksha complex, I hired a Luna to go around for the rest of the day. The take money for the bike the petrol separately. And am all set to explore the Vijayanagara Empire.

I could not resist my excitement while I visited each of those spots. Literally every rock has a history in Hampi. One can see watch towers at a farthest point your eye can. So much was the extent of the Empire. Name anything, and that is there in Hampi. Sri Krishna temple, Bazaar, Pushkarini, other temples, Queen’s enclosure, elephants stable, guards stay, queens’ bath, Vitthala temple, octagonal bath, mahanavami dibba etc etc…

Sun was at its peak in Hampi as expected. Couldn’t help but to take all the heat. Though a luna was hired, had lots and lots to walk. Entire city sprawls across around 14kms area. One cannot find any restaurants inside Hampi apart from some refreshing drinks. Very close by, there is a small village called Kamalapura where ASI had a museum and once finished visiting , returned to Hampi at 4 pm. completed my trip by 4:30 and returned the luna and had some sandwiches nearby and took an auto rickshaw back to Hospet. Being tired enough for the day, I planned to stay at my room.

DAY5    15/11/2010:

The Agenda was to visit a few more temples in nearby district Gadag to visit Lakkundi where some famous temples were there. But there was a strike because of which no buses plied from Hospet. So, decided to visit the Tungabhadra Dam in hospet. Good one but not allowed being close enough due to security reasons. There is a park which is meanly maintained and a deer park. Post visiting, came back to Hospet and had lunch and slept for the afternoon.

DAY6   16/11/2010:

Woke up early in the morning and took bus to Bellary planning to get back to Guntakal from where my return train reservation to Chennai was done. Took 2 hours to reach Bellary. Bus stand was deserted. Had breakfast and not knowing how to spend time, decided to go to Mantralayam on Dad’s advice (though I really had no intention of visiting it). Took almost 5 hours to reach Mantralayam.Reached in the afternoon and quickly had lunch and the darshan didnot even take 10 minutes. Came back to bus stand and took bus to a place called Alur  from where I took a share auto to Guntakal. But only once started travelling, realized it was far enough to travel in a share auto. Took almost 40 minutes to reach Guntakal on a badly maintained road. Took a lodge and in the evening went out into the bazaar. Had dinner and walked till the station to see the distance if it can be covered in the morning by walk.

DAY7   17/11/2010:

Woke up at 5:15 am and freshened up. My train being at 6:15 in the morning, reached station on time and got into the train. Chennai Express, via kadapa reached Chennai in the evening at 4:30 pm.

Outcomes of the tour:

  1. Had a good time visiting these places alone. Friends gave me a crazy look when I said I travelled alone. But trust me, its fun!! There will not be any second opinion and you will be your boss!!
  2. Got tanned to the core. Thanks to Hampi!! Never u can miss the sun there. 🙂

Language Death

When we say a language is dying, It means it is losing its native speakers eventually. A language death is generally caused because of the gradual shift towards another language where speakers no longer try to communicate in their native language. This shift generally takes place because of the change in the speakers’ mind set believing, speaking in the adopted language brings more attention or prestige.

The causes of the shift remain many. It might be the transmission gaps from parents to children or the influence of the modern media. But the outcome is shaking. The younger generation is kept away from their own originality and cultural values. Aren’t the kids eligible to know their own language better? This is a question that arises alarmingly.

Usage of a foreign/external language should be restricted to a level of necessity. The worst part is when two people from a same region try to communicate in another language during a casual talk just to show they are in-line with the current trend. Doing so is nothing but keeping us away from ourselves!!!

For an instance, me being from the land of telugus, cant help but noticing some high levels of shift in the language from telugu to english. Parents converse to their children in english rather than telugu more nowadays. Like i earlier said, this is unfortunately assumed to be a status-symbol in the society. Simply saying, we started calling “Annam” as “Rice” and ” nooney” as “oil” at the dining table. While some parents are thinking they are nourishing their children to the global levels, they are missing a fact that their children will no longer respect the grass root level values. This, as a personal experience i have found much less in the adjacent indian state of Tamil Nadu which also explains their stronghold on culture and tradition.

On the flip side, some NRI parents have also started realizing that children might go out of their reach after certain number of years because of which they plan to come back to India which is really appreciable.

Naa Interview Anubhavaalu

Finally nenu kooda oka blog open chesa!! Bore kodithey kontha mandi tv choostharu leka cinema ki veltharu. Ledu, inka time pass avvakapothey ala bayataki velli oka chaai tagi dhammu kodataru evaraina.. Kaani, ila laptop tho kurchuni blogs evaraina raastaraaa ani naku inni rojulu anipinchedi.. Idi inka boring job anukunna… But thought would give it a try.. Office lo ivalla poddunney oka mail vochindi… Chat applications vadutunnaru janalu.. .. adi vadatam bank policy ki against ani.. so nenu ventaney manakenduku ani uninstall kooda chesesa.. pani and pakkana na colleague syed kooda lekapovatam to tega bore kottindi… enduko na drushti alaa gataniki vellindi… Sare na interview anubhavalu marachipolenivi kada.. Oka document raadam ani ila prayatninchanu….


Ee document lo raasinavanni yadhaarthaley.. Indulo added preservatives gani masalalu gani levu.. Kompateesi evari jeevitaanikayina deggaraga untey aanandapadandi.. atleast na talent roopam lo adi document ga tayyarayindi ani….

Ika Chadivi Udharinchandi..

Karuvu kaalam lo oka chinna varsham laga, my 3rd year semester exams rastunnapudu ma Placement Officer oka announcement chesadu. Tvaralo Infosys campus interviews ki vostondi ani. So, it all started then. Adi Infosys Technologies interview in ANITS college Vizag.. Na first campus… Edo prepare ayyanu(antey mari bheebatsam ga kadu anukondi.. oka mostharu ga)…. Memu campus interview ki vellinadi ade modati di.. na deggara proper formal battalu kooda levu appatlo… Naku asalu formally dress avvatam kooda teliyadu (adi verey vishayam).. Na wardrobe lo unna clothes nunchi i thought i picked  THE BEST.. finally, nenu edo picnic ki vellinattu dress ayyanu.. Oka 2 pockets half sleeves shirt, cotton jeans, and canvas shoes..akkada andaru nannu choosi navvaru kooda..  Lucky ga vamsi gadu oka extra shirt testhey nenu adi teesukuni vesukunna.. Exam start ayyindi.. naku tension start ayyindi. Written kooda pass avvaledu.. Exam tarvatha ma placement officer ma college students dress code choosi oka room loki teesukelli oka range lo tittadu.. Exam time lo chala mandi copy kottaru..nenu Vamsi gadinoo leka inkevarinayina adigi valla answers nenu rasi untey nenu kooda select ayye vadini.. and ee patiki inkaekkado undevadini.. but aa roju na burra lo edo moolana unna oka chinna bhootam naa answers correct ani cheppatam tho,  aa pani cheyyaledu.. so select kaledu..   Intlo  kooda baga tittaru..(Copy kottananduku and select avvananduku.. ) maa irugu porugu vallu select kavatam vallana ma inti vallaki chinnatanam ga anipinchindi.. Naku kooda chala badha anipinchindi.. but malli manam back to normal ki vochesaam.. 🙂

Next campus nenu vizag bullaya college lo attend ayyanu.. adi US technologies.. appatiki nenu oka pair of formal dress konukkuna.. Off campus kavatam tho chala colleges and chala students attend ayyaru..Morning induction icharu.. Next written exam pettaru and nenu chala baga chesanu.. and select ayyanu.. GD next day afternoon ki schedule chesaru…. adi kooda sooper ga chesanu.. evening results cheparu.. nenu final round ki select ayyanu ani.. aa roju chala santosha padda.. next day HR and technical round ki ready ayyanu…

Next day morning red bull taginantha energetic ga anipinchindi.. emayindo teliyadu gani nenu HR lo tega over action chesesa.. actually atanini impress chedam aney aalochana lo koncham ala chesesa anamata.. 😛  But atanu nannu konni technical questions adigadu and vatiki na deggara jawabu ledu.. Clean Bowled!!! . Night results announce chesetappudu nenu chala excited ga unna.. but aa roju andari perulu vochayi but nadi ledu..

Next Gayatri Vidya Parishad college ki velam.. kenexa aney company… chala kontha mandi attend ayyam… Ma class nunchi oka 8 students vellam..aa roju early morning nunchi pedda varsham.. aa college NH-5 nunchi chala lopalaki vellali. Nenu ma classmates Kiran, soujanya, madhuri sujan and etc vellam.. Okey auto lo 8 ppl kurchuni vellam.. 😀 nenu oka corner lo kurchovatam valla na back part antha tadisipoyindi.. Mottaniki college ki reach ayyamu.. Akkada memu tappa inka evvaru kanipinchaledu. Next series of events turned out a big comedy.. Asaley ma Kiran gadi comedy tattukolemu.. andulo aa tokkalo campus ki antha kashtamayina question paper ichadu aa roju.. and memu as usual ga malli sarigga rayaledu..Afternoon aa college canteen lo oka low quality biriyani tini results kosam wait chestunnam.. Honestly aa roju select avvakapothey ney bauntundi ani andariki anipinchindi… Results announce cheyyagaane memu utmost happiness tho return intiki vellipoyamu..

Finally oka roju placement officer edo Maveric Systems ata campus ki vosthondi ani cheppadu.. Company peru eppudu vinaledu.. and attend avvatam kooda ishtam ledu.. Ma routine RTC 999 bus lo nenu ,Kiran college ki vellam.. vadu bus lo adiginappudu kooda nenu naku em teledu ane cheppa.. aa roju morning titthukuntoo college ki vllam bus lo.. morning aa presentation choosi sagam mandhi out .. LIBA lo course offer chestham, laptop isthaam, early onsites untayi, but pay takkuva ani cheppesariki janalaki mati poyindi.. Written test chala easy ga undi.. chala baga rasanu… madhyanam lunch time ki classmate vidya ni kalisanu.. thanu LIBA chala manchi college ani cheppindi … appudu naku light ga interest kaligindi.. sarey serious ganey try cheddam anukunna.. GD lo koncham different topic icharu.. MBA related ga undi.. but nenu baganey matladanu… evening ma college first floor nunchi edo August 15th ki khaideelani vidudhala chese range lo ma placement officer perulu announce chesadu.. Aa round kooda evening clear chesesanu… adi ayyaka night HR round.. daniki mottam 12-13 people  ni select chesaru.. roumers vochayi.. andaru select ayipotarata ani… mottam tensions.. lopalaki velli vochina vallau andaru baga chesam .. select guarantee ga autam annaru.. Raghu college nunchi vochina oka student vadi chesina projects etc choopinchi tege impress chesadu annadu.. Manaki avi emi levu.. But kept my fingers crossed. Aa time lo naku cellphone ledu. Madhyalo oka ammayi phone teesukuni nenu akka ki oka message chestha ani adiga.. aa ammayi.. “ Ayyoo teesuko” ani koncham emotion feel ayipoyi ichindi. Queue lo unna vallani room bayata ready ga undamannaru.. I was waiting outside the room. Sudden ga oka HR ” We made you to wait for a long time” ani anandu.. nenu modest ga ” Its ok.. ” ani cheppa…night 8:30 ki na interview ayyindi after which they had to run through 3-4 more students. 10:30 pm ki results ma placement officer annouonce chesadu.. Only 3 got selected rest can leave ani ma vodi routine style annadu(atani peru cheppatam marchipoya.. Sharaabandi ani oka waste fellow.. koncham mental )…I got selected  and the rest two were girls. Later malli ade ammayi phone teesukuni amma ki call chesi cheppa.. nidra lo unattu undi.. but chala santhosha paddaru iddaru.. Phone matladaka aa migatha iddaru ammayilatho parichayam chesukunna… Anusha and Kalyani ani chepparu.. bus kosam wait chesam chala sepu.. After a long waiting, Route bus apadu and ekki complex ki vocham.. tarvatha ade bus lo kurmannapalem ki vocha..bus lo full dreams e dreams..  Dad correct  time ki bike meeda vochi ready ga unnaru.. atani moham balloon la pongipoyindi.. 🙂 🙂  Intiki vellaganey amma chala santhosha padindi.. 🙂 akka aa roju work nunchi alasipoyi ravatam tho padukundi poyindata.. Nenu raganey lepamani kooda cheppindata.. 🙂 thanani lepanu.. adi kooda santoshapadindi…

Next day steel plant company D-Bus lo mellaga okkakaliki chepthey andaru congratulate chesaru. Aa roju college lo nenu hero ayipoyanu andariki..Nearly 150 mandi lo 3 select ayyaru and vallalo mana college nunchi okkadey ani.. andaru mechukunnaru.. Ma HOD ayithey na Juniors ki kooda nannu example ga teesuko mannaru ata.. funny!!…  So, ivi na campus recruitment anubhavalu… teepi gnapakaalu!!